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Vehicle Security Strategies

In this video, PFC Director of Training Chris Fry and PFC Deputy Chief Instructor Doug Janowicz discuss common mistakes we make concerning vehicle security. The average person spends nearly 11 hours in their car each week. That much time in and around vehicles creates a predictable opportunity for potential threats. Presented here are key security strategies to make you and your loved ones safer and more aware while in and around vehicles.

Former NAVY SEAL Doug Janowicz takes you through:

  • What Criminals Look For When Selecting Victims. 
  • Security Oriented Mindset and Awareness Strategies.
  • How To Safely Approach Your Vehicle and Why Sitting In Parked Cars Can Make You A Target. 
  • Stopping At Red Lights, Dealing With Accidents, and Drive-Thru ATMs. 
  • What To Do If You Are Being Followed. 
  • Dealing With Transients Or Unknowns That Approach Your Vehicle. 
  •  Basic Vehicle Safety Equipment You Should Have In Every Car. 

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